Between 2 Worlds

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Are you Between 2 Worlds?

College bound?
Captivated by creative writing?
Curious about a career in writing?

It's not easy being a junior or senior in high school. You are standing on the edge of one world and about to leap into another, unknown world. Even though you may have had the benefit of top-notch in-class instruction, you may still be feeling a fair amount of concern.

"Between 2 Worlds" is a one-day critical and creative writing conference designed to answer many of the questions students at this juncture may have -

  • How will college level instruction be similar to or different from what you're used to?
  • What are the expectations of college writing professors, for example?
  • What opportunities will be available for you to explore creative writing?
  • What skills do you have now that could be sharpened and honed to help you in your future?

Come join experts in the field and learn how your aspirations can unfold in your academic life beyond high school.

2017 Young Adult Creative Writing Conference "Between 2 Worlds"
This day-long conference will feature the expertise of nationally and internationally known instructors, writers, artists, and musicians. Including some from Salem and Keizer!

WHEN: Friday, October 13, 2017 @ 9:00 am---3:00 pm

WHERE: Salem Alliance, Cedar Hall, Salem Oregon
555 Gaines St NE, Salem 97301 (transportation options will be available)

WHO: Juniors and Seniors who plan on continuing their education after High School

COST: FREE - Due to the generous sponsorships of Withnell Dodge/Hyundai and Dark Horse Literary Inc./Underdog Press there is no cost for students to participate. And lunch is included!

WORKSHOPS: Students will have the opportunity to hone their creative and critical writing skills across a wide spectrum of genres (fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction/memoir, college composition writing, screenwriting) in a supportive and nutritive environment. They will also have an opportunity to share their work during an open mic session and receive one-on-one feedback during mentor meetings with nationally and internationally recognized writers.


Writing for Graphic Novels: The Basics with Adam Gallardo
In the US, graphic novels have undergone a transformation from something strictly for kids to a viable choice of expression for stories of all types. In this class, you'll get a crash course in the steps necessary to produce a graphic novel, as well as the basics to writing for the medium, including a short script-writing exercise.

Convergent Media: A Wicked Tool for a Creative Generation with Steve Halliday
The 2010 creation of the iPad opened the door to a whole new media world-one still largely to be developed. This generation has the opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of integrated, interactive multimedia resources, a new kind of media with staggering creative, learning and persuasive potential.

The Book asVisual Art with Kathryn Cellerini Moore
If the thought of tearing or cutting book pages makes you feel squirmy, you aren't alone! In this workshop, we will look at artists around the world who are deconstructing and rethinking what "books" fundamentally are. Then, together, we will expand our own definitions of 'book' by building unique works of art that challenge how books can live in the world. Required: bring your most curious and open self.

Drawing From a Deep Well: Story Invention and Process with Gina Ochsner
Writing is an act of faith. Writers not only believe, but rely upon words availing themselves when needed. But what can a writer do when the words don't arrive? This session addresses a phenomenon nearly every writer encounters: the need to write while simultaneously feeling unable to do so. We will talk about where story ideas come from, how to "jump-start" writing when ideas seem absent, and how to develop ideas. We'll talk about how to keep a story idea rolling forward and what to do if a story seems to stop dead in its tracks. We'll be trying out techniques and don't be surprised if you leave this session with several story starts in hand.

Writing the College Application Letter: from ideas to a full draft with Cornelia Paraskevas
The class is a workshop designed to help students create a complete draft of their college application essay. Students will need to come with rich ideas, an open mind, and writing tools: during the workshop, the instructor will first share with them sample college application letters that have been highly successful and then guide them as they transform their own rich ideas into engaging college application letters.

Through the Wardrobe: Writing Settings that Transport Your Reader with Heidi Schulz
Students will learn techniques to make their settings come alive, including: using sensory details, looking beyond the obvious, and observing with your characters' eyes. Attendees will also explore developing character through the lens of setting. This session is interactive. Attendees should come prepared to write.

Adventures in College Composition with Ryan Stark
I aim to discuss various expectations and possibilities that accompany freshman writing courses. I will provide examples of assignment sheets, and we will experiment with some in-class writing activities. More than likely, too, I will raise philosophical questions about the power of language to enchant.

Something Old, Something New with Colette Tennant
Creative writers live in a tricky place somewhere between an old world and a new one. The old world is all of the writing that has come before us. The new world is the creative works we will write someday. Where do our poems and short stories and novels get written? In between those two worlds. We'll practice some exercises that will help us negotiate that tricky in-between place. You'll come away from the workshop with at least two new poems.


Adam Gallardo is a writer living in Oregon. At the moment, he is best known for his work writing comic books. He's the author of Star Wars: Infinites - Return of the Jedi as well as two creator-owned series, 100 Girls and Gear School. He's also written a handful of short comics stories. His debut YA novel, Zomburbia, was released by Kensington Publishing in 2014, and its sequel, Zombified, came out in 2015.

Dr. Steve Halliday president and founder of Hothouse Enterprises, Inc., an innovative communications company that focuses on collaborative content creation and development. He has worked on the editorial side of trade book publishing for more than thirty years, working with a Who's Who list of best-selling communicators. Dr. Halliday currently serves as Assistant Professor of Media Arts and Communications at Corban University in Salem, Oregon.

Kathryn Cellerini Moore explores the ways in which formative experiences continually effect health, behavior and worldview. Her time as a research assistant working with young teenagers in a stress and coping laboratory, in addition to her ongoing health concerns, give Moore the firsthand experience and understanding that body, mind, and environment are an intertwined ecosystem. She received her MFA from Stony Brook University in New York, a BS in Psychology and a BFA in Applied Visual Arts from Oregon State University.

Gina Ochsner is the author of the novels Russian Dreambook of Flight and the Hidden Letters of Velta B. She has been awarded the Flannery O'Connor prize for short Fiction, The William Faulkner Award, the Raymond Carver award and the Oregon Book Award. Ochsner teaches at Corban University.

Dr. Cornelia Paraskevas is Professor of Writing and Linguistics at WOU. Originally from Athens, Greece, she came to the US in 1980 on a Fulbright scholarship to pursue graduate work at the University of Kansas. She completed her Ph.D. in Linguistics in 1987 and moved to Oregon in 1989. In addition to teaching at WOU, she is also the lead faculty in writing for Willamette Promise, a collaborative project between WESD, WOU, Corban University and OIT.

Heidi Schulz lies to children for fun and profit. She is the author of the New York Times Bestselling Hook's Revenge, and a sequel, Hook's Revenge: The Pirate Code, published by Disney-Hyperion. Bloomsbury Kids published her picture book debut, Giraffes Ruin Everything, in August 2016.

Ryan Stark is Associate Professor of Humanities at Corban University. His interests include rhetorical theory, satire, logic, and philosophy of language. He is the author of Rhetoric, Science, and Magic in Seventeenth-Century England (2009) and co-editor-with Tina Skouen-of Rhetoric and the Early Royal Society (2015). He has also published several essays on Renaissance and Enlightenment thought, including a recent study of humor in Laurence Sterne's sermons.

Colette Tennant is an English Professor at Corban University, where she teaches creative writing and literature classes. Her first book of poetry, Commotion of Wings, was published by Main Street Rag in 2010. Her second book of poems, Eden and After, was published by Tebot Bach in July 2015.